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One of the most sought after hair stylist in Orange County, Sergio began his career 18 years ago in Argentina. He quickly became the stylist among celebrities in the area. He has worked with some of the most famous European models, including Valeria Mazza.
In 2002, Sergio came to Orange County and only 2 years later, he became the Artistic and Educational Director of the salon in the St. Regis Resort in Dana Point, California, was recognized as the top hair stylist . It proved to be an environment which gave him the opportunity to let his artistic inclinations flourish; he began to style celebrities like Barbra Streisand, Carrie Fisher and many others.
Sergio’s main vision is about styling, educating and entrepreneurship. Sergio jets between New York, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires to perform his styling magic for clients of fashion week and requests for editorial work as a hair stylist.
STYLING WITH SUCCESS Sergio Andrioli is also the author of the book “Styling with Success“. It is about helping stylists succeed after graduating from Beauty School.
Sergio has a passion for helping new stylist by educating them and giving them the right tools for succeeding in “life after Beauty School”. It is astonishing the number of stylist that drop out of their careers right after graduating.
This book demonstrates the twelve steps they need to take in order to grow and “flourish” into busy master stylists.
Its important points it covers are: Education, Self Promotion, Reliability, Consitency, Appearance, Communication, Accessibility, Education the Client, Humility, Circus, Loyalty, and Change.
If you are a new stylist, please read this book and follow the steps. You will thank me later!

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